About Us

To reach out to our motto of "making business tours more business-oriented while making it less businesslike" we serve you at two levels: Primary Level and Advanced Level. At primary level, we aim to achieve excellence in providing a quality, homelike comfort based on our assessment to the personal preferences and tastes of each of our registered patron. From bedrooms to washrooms and from a simple cup of tea to a grand buffet our patrons can't go without noticing the homely care with which we address their sense of satisfaction.

On advanced level, we act more like a catalyst who indirectly contributes and grows along with the business prospects of our esteemed clients. Here we take a special care of unnecessary worries of our clients that they often meet during the course of an ideal business tour like managing time, avoiding annoying formalities and reducing travel related stress. We take every measure possible to ensure their unanimity to help them meet all their business deadlines without any hassle.


We have choosen Corporate Hotels Reservation for our bussiness stay and they delited us.