Business Hotels in Brussels

Brussels highlights many impressive attractions, such as the historic avenues, Neo-Gothic towers, high-profile museums, new boulevards, shopping malls, and the most prestigious headquarters of the Grand Parliament. The biggest attraction of all, however, is the famous Royal Palace inside the city center. During the summer season, the Royal Palace mainly welcomes business travel and pleasure tourists inside its excellent infrastructure. The palace displays the most important events and activities taking place in the area. Thus, if you want to visit this magnificent place, then choose an abundance of hotels in Brussels. Perfect gateways always come with ideal, relaxing, and complete satisfactory accommodation.As a result, there are a wide variety of accommodation in Brussels to choose from. With ratings not less than four stars, these hotels are sure to provide highly satisfactory accommodation. “Gresham Belson Hotel” situated in Brussels, within a 10-minute drive from Belgium's Comic Strip Center and the European Union Parliament Building, you'll be connected to the Convention Center during your stay at the Gresham Belson Hotel in Brussels.