Business Hotels in Cologne

The Roman Empire founded Cologne in the year 38 BC. Today it is known as the fourth largest city in Germany after Munich, Hamburg, and Berlin. The city is very vibrant in nature and culture. Cologne is known as the hub of the telecommunications and media industries within Germany. The number of radio stations originates from Cologne and extends throughout Germany. Cologne is not as intense as other major cities in Germany but still contributes a lot. Many international organizations have their head offices in Cologne, including FORD. Cologne generates revenue mostly from the service industry. Most traders come here to enjoy their business conference and have experienced everything from budget to luxury hotels in Cologne. There are many luxury hotels in Germany, most of which are located in famous tourist cities like Berlin, Hamburg, and others. Cologne is one of the largest and most diverse cities in Germany. With Cologne Cathedral, with its many world-famous museums and the vibrant Belgian Quarter, it has a lot for every tourist to experience!