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Bhutan Packages

Bhutan – Trove of archaeological treasures Bhutan is a tiny kingdom nestled in between the magnificent Himalayan Range. Bhutan has two powerful neighbors on both its sides in the form of China and India. Hence, you see a considerable sprinkling of Chinese and Indians all over the place. Bhutan has some of the most beautiful Buddhist monasteries in the world. Some of them perched precariously on the Himalayan slopes, present an awe-inspiring sight. You get to enjoy this beautiful scenery in your Bhutan holiday packages.

Explore archaeological treasure Book your Bhutan travel packages on corporatehotelsbooking.com to get a peek into the trove of archaeological treasures in Bhutan. You find amazing fortresses and ornate temples all over the place. A visit to the Dzong fortresses is indeed the highlight of the Bhutan packages.

Visit the most beautiful places of Bhutan One can indulge in many recreational activities in Bhutan. These activities range from mountain biking to bird watching. No doubt, Bhutan is one of the most peaceful and happiest as well at the same time. The mountainous landscapes sprinkled with beautiful valleys and rivers make Bhutan one of the most sought-after countries to visit. People from everywhere in the world come to Bhutan to bask in its traditional glory and ogle at the archaeological treasures.