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Cambodia – Surprisingly beautiful Cambodia and Vietnam may be war-torn areas, but they still maintain their rustic charm. This charm attracts tourists from all over the world. Even today, the Cambodia holiday packages take tourists around these places devastated by long years of fighting. However, you must wonder at the resilience of the Vietnamese and admire the way they built these intricate network of tunnels used by the Vietnamese army to escape the bombings from the US and other forces. It can surprise you that these self-contained tunnels have siege rooms, war kitchens, clinics, depots, and even schools inside them.

Don’t forget to visit River Bound City Hanoi is the major place of attraction in this country. Hanoi means “River-bound” city. You can see the river crisscrossing at various places in the city. While in Cambodia, visit the Ha Long Bay. The cruise along the bay is one that you will remember for a lifetime. More than 2000 tiny islands comprise the Ha Long Bay. Experience some of the world’s most fascinating heritage sites along the way. Fantastic sightseeing opportunities

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