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Gujarat – See the King of the Jungle in its natural habitat Gujarat has the longest coastline in India. It also has some of the most historic temples along the coast such as Somnath and Dwaraka. These two places occupy the top spot in the list of Hindu pilgrims. Also, you have the Girnar temple that entails you to climb nearly 10,000 steps and wind your way through the forests and mountain to access this holy place. See the astonishing beauty of Kutch Gujarat has a rich and vibrant culture with its Rajput and Mughal influences. Places like Bhuj and Mandvi in the Kutch region are witness to several historical changes. You can admire the grandeur of the erstwhile kings in the Kutch region when you visit the Vijay Vilas Palace in Mandvi. A tour around the desert regions in Kutch is an integral part of all Gujarat holiday packages. Meet Lions at Gir Forest Similarly, the Gujarat tour packages are incomplete without a visit to the Gir Forest where you can come face-to-face with the King of the Jungle lording over his kingdom. Add the historical towns of Ahmedabad and Jamnagar to your Gujarat packages, and you have a dynamite package in your hand. Corporathotelsbooking.com enables you to avail all these Gujarat holiday packages at attractive rates.